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CB Premier Group, #1 Coldwell Banker Affiliate in the state of Missouri, is the leader in Real Estate Success due to the Premier Training it offers. With premier coaching, ongoing guidance, and continued team support you can become a Top Producer too. Premier Group offers the latest in on-demand technology to assist you in your every day tasks and help keep you on track with your business and clients. These tools also make it easier for the consumer breeze through the buying and selling process. As a Coldwell Banker Agent, you will have the Superior Brand that dates back to 1906!

History of Coldwell Banker

    As a Premier Trainer, I get to experience what true value is all about. Here at CB Premier, we do not sell houses, we Create Value!

    Licensed since 1998, I have been through good times and tough times in Real Estate. I believe pushing through the tough times makes us stronger. Now, with the on-demand tools, technology and coaching, I am here to help you be on top of your game at all times. 

    At Premier, you will not just be given a phone and a desk, you will have ongoing coaching and support throughout your career. Norm Polsky, partner for CB Premier Group, states, "You did not walk through that door to fail, you walked through that door to Succeed and we are here to assist in your Success".

Lori Strubberg
Broker Manager

Become an Premier Agent Today
Become an Premier Agent Today
Become an Premier Agent Today
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